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Inspired by the recent Hurricane Sandy news about the uncovered shipwreck on Fire Island, I began to ruminate. What if there’s treasure in the splintered remains? Surely there’s got to be some interesting artifacts.

This led me to fleshing out an idea. Maybe there’s a homeless-from-the-flood couple, sleeping on floors of friends or family. They’re badgered by their hosts, it’s evident their welcome has worn out and the tensions are high – for buried reasons — ha! Theme. They read the article about the ship on their smartphone. Disenfranchised by the unbearable situation and state of the clean-up effort, they scheme to venture toward the ruined, cordoned-off island to find the gold they’ve convinced themselves is out there.

I tell my husband how this is going to be a deeply personal relationship story, with the destruction and recuperation from the storm as the backdrop. The drama of the journey is the forward action juxtaposed against the constraints of the disaster clean-up effort.

“Good right?” I said to my husband.

“Yeah. And when they get there, the wreck is overtaken by zombies,” he said.

Not exactly the moving story I was pitching. But hey, what adventure isn’t improved by sprinkling in a few spooks?

Pam Alster, former TV writer & suburban mom brings a decade of living on the dark side to light in her novel debut Robin’s Blue available now in Kindle and Paperback. Find her on Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter @plexigirl.

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